LP-7000 Massage chair-Life Power



Sync Movement Design Basing on the principle of Fall-to-Sleep design, when the backrest is lowered backwards, armrest will adjust automatically to reach appropriate massage posture, thus effectively supporting weight of arms and balancing the body to maintain comfortable status.

Intelligent movement arm rest It is the first of its kind all of the world,can adjust the armrest attaining the ideal and appropriate space so that meets the needs of your families of different bodily forms .

It adopts U-shaped hand safety structure which is assisted by the adequate airpressure, it’s safer, more comfortable and personal compared with the traditional C-shaped hand-dutch structure.

The brand-new footrest design can satisfy the need of different height people, the ankles and soles can enjoy sufficient and effective massage in any angles.

Thai massage is imitated to unfold and stretching the spine and legs, allowing the back muscles and ligament to relax completely and better relieve fatigue. What is different from traditional massage is that it stretching the leg more effectively.




Name:My World
Angle of laying:95-170°
Angle of footrest:0-105°
Timer setting:15-minute automatic power off time
Rated Time30-minute
Product dimension:930mm*1200mm*1500mm
Package dimension:1800mm
Gross weight:about120KG
Power supply:AC220V-50Hz